Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chilling Facts about German Cover-up on crimes of home-grown neo-Nazis

Here is a chilling report about how German authorities tried to hide targeted killings of Turkish people inside Germany. A small band of neo-Nazis suspected of killing ethnic Turks and others in a seven-year terror spree were undetected by security forces until a botched bank robbery brought down the group last year. What was not known until now was that Germany's domestic spy agency may have been covering-up the crimes of these neo-Nazis. An official with the spy agency reportedly destroyed files relating to the investigation of this criminal group. The case prompted the government to announce this week that Heinz Fromm, the agency's head for the past 12 years, will take early retirement.

For years, authorities suspected organized crime rather than racist violence in the targeted killings of Turks. Only when two suspected founding members were found dead last November after a botched bank robbery did the so-called National Socialist Underground's activities come to light. The relatives of victims said police tried to pin the murders on organized crime, drugs or ethnic rivalries, but never examined the possibility of right-wing terror.

Now with the latest revelation it is clear that like Norway and many other parts of the western world, authorities were too hooked up on potential terror from radical Muslims, and they ignored the danger of ultra-right extremists within their own societies. They forgot that there is no shortage of home-grown terrorists like Breivik. 

On Tuesday, the regional government in Thuringia – the home state of the alleged group members – announced the removal of the head of its own intelligence agency. Thomas Sippel "no longer has the confidence" of the state legislature, regional interior minister Joerg Geibert said.

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