Saturday, September 1, 2012

Comments about a Bloomberg article on Rohingya Problem

The letter below was sent to the writers of a recently posted article on the Rohingyas of Burma in Bloomberg.

Dear authors,

Your article unfortunately missed out on a big piece of information about the origin of the Rohingya people of Arakan state of Myanmar. Unbiased research work by genuine historians of the region has had abundantly made clear that the Rohingyas are indigenous to Arakan who had maintained their continuous existence in Arakan for more than a millennium (see, my blog for many such documentations and references). [See also Moshe Yegar's books and article on Burma.] Instead, you chose to quote from Aye Chan, a xenophobic writer, who has been promoting extermination of the Rohingya people as virus (see, his book - Influx Virus).

By selectively quoting from Aye Chan about Muslim demography, I am sorry to state that you have not done justice to the otherwise well-written article. 

Your inclusion of names like SA, Iran and Syria as members of OIC, calling about the Rohingya problem was also done to belittle the legitimate call of the conscientious human beings of the globe to redress serious violations of human rights (legitimately called ethnic cleansing per UN definition) in Myanmar. It was a sly attempt and highly deplorable attempt. If such be the criterion to belittle morally right positions we might as well dump tons of resolutions and efforts by the UN or even UNSC simply because the agencies do include countries with horrible records of human rights violations.

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