Monday, September 3, 2012

Thai PBS interview on Rohingyas of Myanmar

Last month on August 15, 2012 Professor Abid Bahar and I were interviewed by the Thai PBS in Bangkok to discuss the the latest crisis in Myanmar which has resulted in internal displacement of more than a hundred thousand Rohingyas, let alone deaths of probably tens of thousands and rape of hundreds of Rohingya women and girls. The Nazi Market area of Akyab, the capital city of Arakan state of Myanmar, where 10,000 Rohingyas once lived and did business has been totally burned down as if it is a bomb-ravaged area from the Second World War time. 

No protection was provided to protect lives and properties of the Rohingya people by the Myanmar government against this Rakhine-cum-government ethnic cleansing drive to push them out or kill them, as part of a very calculated genocidal program, where the Buddhist monks and populace have become the lynch men for execution. The Myanmar regime also refuses to provide any humanitarian aid to the Rohingya people. Many of the injured Rohingyas are dying without any emergency care, and many can't buy the essential food and life-saving drugs because of the curfew and the obstruction imposed by the Rakhine leaders and monks. If it is not ethnic cleansing what is?

Our interview conducted by Dr. Nattha Komolvadhin of the Thai PBS can be see by clicking here

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