Sunday, January 19, 2014

X-Ray of a Fascist by Amit Sengupta

Narendra Modi, the Hindutvadi leader from Gujarat who has ruled the state as its chief minister for more than a decade, is probably going to be India's next Prime Minister. He is a very polarizing figure in India, in particular, and South Asia, in general. His dirty hands were all over the massacre of Muslims in India since at least the days of Godhra massacre in his home state when thousands were slaughtered. There are no less than 45 authenticated reports meticulously documenting the Gujarat carnage, which was state-sponsored and masterminded at the highest level. His Hindutvadi Fascist theology rather than distancing him from the Indian population seemed to endear him in this so-called secular country. The rest of the world is being shocked, how is it possible in a country like India for an evil man, known fascist, like Modi to become so popular to actually become the head of the BJP, which may win the next election this year!

Has Indian secularism been that fake? Or, Indian democracy that unsound? Is India fanatically Hindu? Is Hindu majority grown that fanactic? Otherwise, why would they follow this evil man who has done more harm than good to the notion of religious tolerance in a multi-religious, -ethnic, and caste-divided society?

Amit Sengupta has written an article unmasking this monster, whom he calls a Fascist. You can read about it by clicking here.

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