Friday, March 14, 2014

Maung Zarni's piece on the repression of the Rohingyas of Myanmar

Maung Zarni is a social activist and a researcher who has criticized the military rule in Burma for years. Although the old military thugs have now been replaced by the new ones  - almost all, by the way, former military officers - giving some facial uplift to the administration to appear civil, nothing has improved for the plight of tens of millions of minorities that have existed in Burma since the dawn of history. And the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar remain the worst suffering and the most persecuted people in our time in our planet.

Dr. Zarni, a native of Burma, has written and spoken in support of basic rights of the Rohingya people. In his latest article, he discusses his conversation with a former brigadier where the latter said, “What can we do, brother? There are too many. We can’t kill them all.” The army officer was talking about the Rohingya people, which the Myanmar government wants to exterminate. This again confirms that the intent of the Buddhist government is criminal, and it means total annihilation of the Muslim community in Myanmar to purify the area of any trace of Muslims and Islam.

It is no accident to see all the signs of that genocidal campaign unfolding one after another. And yet, some would shut their eyes to what is so visible.
You can read the entire piece by clicking here.

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