Friday, March 6, 2015

American snipers - More incidents of deadly attacks against Muslims in the USA

Since the release of the movie American Sniper, many trigger-happy Americans have gone gung ho in their targeted murder of and terrorist acts against Muslims living in the USA. The hatred is also fueled by hatemongers working for the Fox News. One of her female anchors was heard openly calling for taking out Muslims who practice Islam.

Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, was shot about 12:30 a.m. outside at the Walnut Bend Apartments near Walnut Street and Audelia Road in north-east Dallas, Texas. Relatives reported two men fatally wounded al-Jumaili in a hail of gunfire after the family walked past them. He died at Texas Health Presbyterian of Dallas.

Friends of al-Jumaili’s said on social media Thursday that he had recently emigrated from Iraq.

Al-Jumaili’s relatives fled to their apartment after the shooting. They could not be reached for comment Thursday. Neighbors Asad Obaid, 22, and Omar Khattab, 30, said they plan to move out of the complex because of the shooting. Obaid said he heard about seven gunshots — a few that sounded close, then a couple that were more distant. He said his roommate, who moved to Dallas from Egypt and loves to take pictures, could just as easily have been the victim. “That could have been anyone,” Khattab said. “Maybe he had never seen snow before.”

According to a Muslim activist, in recent days at least 9 Muslims have been murdered by American snipers and racists. In all these cases, as usual, the popular media have tried to hide such incidents, never mentioning that there is a clear case of hate crimes in all these.

This includes:

Three killed in North Carolina: which is presented as a parking dispute;
One killed in Kansas city: which was called a car accident
One killed in Ottawa: was blamed for identity confusion
Two killed in New York, New Jersey area: was called homicide/suicide
One killed in Louisville, Kentucky: was called a Road rage
One (Ahmed mentioned above) killed in Dallas: random shooting is blamed.

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