Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hindu fascist tactics to grab Christian and Muslim religious sites in India

Minority religious communities in India feel very insecure these days in India. The ruling BJP of Narendra Modi is the problem with its Hindu fascist ideology - Hindutva. It wants India to become a purely Hindu country where other religious minorities are not only marginalized but considered foreign and alien. That is why, beef ban is just one of the measures to that end. ‘They are doing conversions’ is a standard ploy which is propagated for anti-Muslim and -Christian violence.

Christians comprise roughly 2.3% of the Indian population, and has been growing steadily since the days of saint Thomas who allegedly visited Malabar coast in the first century. Mother Teresa also played a very positive role to further attract many low-caste Hindus to Christianity. All these facts are frowned upon by the zealots within the Sangh Parivar to which BJP belongs. Rape and violence against minorities are used as weapons to terrorize them.

Here below are some of the prudent practices of the Hindu fascists to claim religious sites or monuments -
  • Make the site belonging to Muslims and Christians controversial by claiming that it was a Hindu site before it was turned into Christian or Muslim site.
  • No proofs are necessary for such claims except to put up a statue or idol of a Hindu god or goddess in that site.
  • Have some Hindu fundamentalist, affiliated with the Sangh Parivar, write a book claiming that the site was a Hindu sacred site.
  • Fight the case for the 'disputed' site in the court.
  • Then with or without favorable verdict, possess the site forcibly with the approval of the local government and police.

Consider, e.g., a case affecting Indian Christians in Hisar in Harayana, where a church has been attacked, its Cross replaced by the idol of Lord Hanuman and the Chief Minister of Haryana, who again has RSS background, stated that the Pastor of the Church has been alleged to be part of the conversion activities. At the same time RSS progeny Vishwa Hindu Parishad stated that more such acts of attack on churches will take place if conversions are not stopped. This incident reminds one of the placing of the idols of Ram Lalla (Baby Ram) in Babri Mosque in 1949 and then claiming that it was a birth place of Lord Ram. In addition the statement of the Chief Minister gives a clear indication as to how the investigation of the incident will take place and whether the real culprits will ever be nabbed. Incidentally there are no police complaints about Pastors’ conversion activities if any, in the police records. This ‘they are doing conversions’ is a standard ploy which is propagated for anti Christian violence, which one has witnessed so far.

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