Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another shameful record of Myanmar in its treatment of the Rohingya prisoners

Will the government of Myanmar ever become civilized and behave like other civilized nations? Such expectations are probably wrong or too early for a government that only knows how to set records of  savagery. So, when the Kaladan press reported the following news about how the Rohingya people are brought to the court in dump trucks - no matter how disgusting and cruel and demeaning it is - I was not too surprised by Myanmar government actions. You can't civilize a savage unless it understands that it needs reform to improve its status. That realization has been missing with the savage Myanmar government and many of its mesmerized country people. It's a shameful record!
Burma border guard police (BGP) are using dump truck for transporting Rohingya prisoners from Buthidaung jail to Maungdaw town court, according to Amina Begum, a closed relative of one prisoner from Maungdaw.
The BGP headquarters had only right to file case to the court and the BGP keep all the prisoners in Buthidaung jail- especially Rohingya community, Amina said.

When the prisoner had to appear to the court, the BGP personnel brought Rohingya prisoners with dump truck which was used for carrying road construction material - stone or pieces of rock –in the raining season.  The truck has no cover and it is totally open, no shelter. All the prisoners are wet when they arrived at court and again the BGP used the dump truck for prisoners to send back to jail, said Halim, a Human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.

The BGP only used dump truck for Rohingya community only, not for other community, Halim said.

Where is the Human Rights, UNHCR and other rights groups, Halim added.

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