Thursday, July 2, 2015

Buddhist monk in drug trafficking business

Narcotics business has become a big one around the globe. It is, however, having a devastating effect on the society from top to bottom. For years, Yaba has been penetrating into Bangladesh from Myanmar and India and has been responsible for addicting hundreds of thousands of youths.

Very few people would ever imagine that some of the most notorious drug carriers or conduits are religious men with  shaven heads and saffron garb. But facts are sometimes stranger than fiction.

A Buddhist monk was arrested with Yaba by NSI (National Security Intelligence) and DB (Detective Branch) police yesterday in the evening from a residential hotel of Bandarban. The arrested Buddhist monk - Twai Cho Wa (Tun Shwe Wa), 30, as per police record - said that he lives at Combonia village of Gozolia union of Bandarban District of Bangladesh, police official said

“Police seized 300 pieces of Yaba tablets worth estimated Taka 300,000.”

According to DB police officer Rofiq Ullah, the Buddhist monk carried Yaba tablets from border area and sells in many different local areas. He has been involved in Yaba smuggling since long. Police believe that he is from Burma.

You can read the full coverage on the report by clicking here.

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