Thursday, July 2, 2015

Richard Martinez speaks out about the latest gun violence in Charleston

Remember Christopher Martinez? He was killed in Isla Vista in scenic Santa Barbara, CA (not too far from the university campus where I spent more than two years during my grad study in Nuclear Engineering) due to the culture of gun violence that is devastating American society. Every day 88 Americans are killed with guns. Can our society afford to ignore the problem?

Here is a letter sent from Christopher's dad:

Being Christopher's dad was the most important thing in my life. I haven't gone a single day without thinking of him since he was shot and killed last year in Isla Vista, California.
Each morning, I put on Chris's watch along with a bracelet that serves as a reminder of my purpose -- a reminder to keep fighting for the vision I set the day after my son was killed: Not One More.
Watch the video I made with Everytown about the meaning behind the Not One More bracelet. You can support the movement to end gun violence by getting your own bracelet today.
In addition to Chris's watch and the Not One More bracelet on my left wrist, I also wear many wristbands on my right arm -- each given to me by a grieving parent or loved one, each commemorating a precious life that ended too soon.
These bracelets represent a pledge to stand up for the 88 Americans who are killed every day with guns and the hundreds more who are injured. They symbolize our resolve to do everything we can to prevent future tragedies from happening. In the wake of the terrorist shooting in Charleston, it's even more important to strengthen this movement and spread the message of Not One More.
We don't have to settle for a country where shootings happen every day. We don't have to live this way. I hope you will join me and show you're proud to be part of the movement that's changing the conversation on guns in America.
Watch the video about the inspiration behind the Not One More bracelet -- and get yours today:

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and being a part of this movement. Not One More.
Richard Martinez

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