Friday, August 7, 2015

Floood victims in the Rakhine state of Myanmar doubly punished

Imagine that you live in a country that has denied every rights granted under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The government does not recognize you in spite of your being a descendant of the first settlers to the land. You are considered an intruder or an outsider. With tacit and sometimes overtly approval from the criminal government, the local mobs destroy your homes and businesses, and now you are forced to live - if you could truly call it as such - in a cage or in one of the so-called camps for the IDPs (internally displaced people). There, you are denied rationing so that even though you survived pogroms, here you are going to embrace a slow but sure death.
If you thought that these are mere figments of imagination, think again. No, it is not imagination but reality for the Rohingyas of Myanmar who mostly live in the Arakan (Rakhine) state, bordering Bangladesh. Theirs is a sad story, which remains simply unparalleled in our time.
In recent days, a devastating cyclone has hit the region, including nearby Bangladesh, killing many and worsening living condition for millions of people. The worst affected are the Rohingyas of the Rakhine state who already had lost everything dear to them as a result of a series of genocidal activities dating back to 2012. As hinted many of them were forced to live in cages in areas that are very prone to flooding with very little rationing reaching them from anywhere. Even the donated clothes and food from international NGOs and aid agencies don't reach them. The government employees charge a hefty bribe for issuing any service to them.
This sad episode was once again underscored when news surfaced that Thein Sein's government has been charging hundreds of kyats to provide donated clothing from Singapore to flood victims.
In spite of such crimes against humanity by the Myanmar regime, our world leaders are nonchalant about such. What a sickening world we live in! Simply unbelievable!

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