Sunday, August 16, 2015

Patrick Buchanan's article 'Obama vs. Bibi'

Pat Buchanan is a veteran journalist who once ran for the president of the USA. His views on national interest are always a must read for serious observers of the USA. Last week, his article on the current nuclear deal with Iran has appeared in the

Israel depends upon the United States for $3 billion a year in military aid and diplomatic cover in forums where she is often treated like a pariah state. Israel has also been the beneficiary of almost all the U.S. vetoes in the Security Council.
America is indispensable to Israel. The reverse is not true.
Yet, without telling the White House, Israeli Prime Minister had his U.S. ambassador Ron Dermer, a former Republican operative, arrange for him to address a joint session of Congress in March – to rip up the president’s Iran nuclear deal before it was even completed.

Buchanan writes, "When the U.S. and Israel disagree over U.S. policy in the Mideast, who decides for America? Them or us?

Why does Barack Obama take this? Why does John Kerry take this?
One can only imagine what President Eisenhower would have done had he seen Bibi at the rostrum of the U.S. House of Representatives, ripping apart his Middle East policy. Or had Ike learned that an Israeli ambassador was working the halls of Congress to kill an arms deal he and John Foster Dulles had just negotiated.
Lest we forget, Ike told his wartime colleague, Prime Minister Anthony Eden, to get his army out of Suez or he would sink the British pound. Ike then told Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to get his army out of Sinai or face U.S. economic reprisals.
Eden and Ben-Gurion did as they were told.
That was an America respected by friend and foe alike."
He continues, "The president should declare Dermer persona non grata and send him packing, then tell the Israeli government we will discuss a new arms package when you have a prime minister who understands that no nation interferes in the internal affairs of the United States. None.
That could bring Bibi’s government, with its single-vote majority, crashing down. And why not? After all, Bibi was a virtual surrogate for Mitt Romney when Mitt was trying to bring down Obama.
Obama and Kerry are never running again. Deep down, they would surely relish taking Bibi down. And they could do it.
Deal or no deal, it is time America started acted like America again."

You can reed his full text by clicking here.

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