Monday, September 7, 2015

Crimes against people - Is it all genetic?

This morning, my attention was drawn to a news clip in the Daily Observer of Bangladesh, which reads: "A Dhaka court on Saturday ordered to send Hummam Quader Chowdhury, the son of death row convict war criminal Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, to jail in connection to a case filed in 2008... Hummam was arrested from city's Dhanmondy area in the morning in connection with an attempt to murder case filed with Gulshan Police Station in the capital in 2008."

I am not surprised that Hummam Quader Chowdhury, son of SaQa Chowdhury, the convicted war criminal, got arrested for an attempted murder. Is it a case of bad genes? An empirical mind would conclude that seems to be the case with Saqa's family. 

During a conversation with SaQa's wife's aunt in Dhaka two years ago, when I mentioned about Saqa's wife and her nonchalant or rather arrogance during the criminal takeover of our family properties in Khulshi, Chittagong by her husband - SaQa Chowdhur- and his older son Fazlul Qader Chowdhury a.k.a. Fayyaz - she could only point her fingers blaming SaQa for her niece's criminal endorsement of such crimes. 

It is worth mentioning here that in April 2005, armed with some 200 terrorist goons, Fayyaz, Hummam's older brother illegally broke into our Khulshi properties. He was aided by a known Razakar - Jaker Hosain Chowdhury, son on Kala Mia of Chandanpura and his syndicate of land-grabbing criminals (that included Abdul Mabud, ShahJahan Chowdhury, Moinuddin, Mahtabuddin and other notorious criminals). Fayyaz called Salman Ispahani of the Ispahani Properties asking his permission to encroach into our properties from the latter's adjoining properties. Obviously, as Salman himself told me, the criminal request by Fayyaz was turned down. But that did not stop Fayyaz with the direct involvement of his father, SaQa who abused his official position as Prime Minister Khaleda's Advisor, to break into our properties.Sixteen of our tenant families were uprooted by Fayyaz and Jaker's goons within minutes, and then 10 houses built mostly in the 1960s by my father where our tenants have been living for years were demolished by them. Fayyaz personally directed such operations in collusion with Jaker. They terrorized my sister's family living in our six-story Aranika, which fortunately escaped demolition. All our efforts to stop terrorism and crimes of Fayyaz's goons met deaf ears from the then government, let alone SaQa's family members. So arrogant were all the members of SaQa's immediate family members it was shocking and chilling! Being advised by others, while we brought criminal and civil charges against Jaker and his syndicate - the front-men for SaQa, we did not charge either SaQa or his criminal son Fayyaz with their crimes that resulted in all our sufferings and losses. 

But Allah's judgment will not escape them for all their sins and crimes - against their victims. Thus, SaQa is now facing hanging for his crimes during the liberation war, and his younger son Hummam is now being charged with murder charges. As I said above, I am not surprised. However, I am neither delighted by such revelations nor will be surprised that one day Fayyaz himself, too, would also be found charged with such crimes. He will pay for his crimes - either here on earth or in the Hereafter. 
It is all genetic or is it?

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