Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Israeli expert's view on Iran nuclear deal

Today, some of the pro-Israeli hawks in American politics blamed the Obama administration for the recently concluded nuclear peace deal with Iran. As Israel-firsters, it did not appear odd to them that they obviously appeared more hawkish than Israelis themselves. Here is the view of an Israeli expert on the whole deal with Iran.

Brigadier Gen. (Ret.) Uzi Eilam, who led all nuclear activities under Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Yizhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres, has come out in support of the Iranian nuclear deal via a viral video campaign by the group "No Nukes For Iran Project." 

"Under this agreement, Iran's Plutonium at Arak [nuclear site] will be removed, 98% of Iran's enriched Uranium stockpile will be eliminated, and Iran will be subjected to the most intense inspections ever negotiated," he added.

In an interview with Yediot Aharonot’s Ronen Bergman last year, Eilam claimed that Iran’s nuclear weapons program was a decade from completion, and that it was far from clear that the Iranians even want a nuclear arsenal.

"If the deal fails, the risk for a nuclear Iran will only go up," he finished the video by asserting.

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