Monday, September 7, 2015

Masked Israeli youth attack Palestinian in Hebron - from YNet

A Palestinian man was attacked by masked Israeli youth at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron on Saturday, as an IDF soldier helplessly tried to separate the man from his attackers.
The Israelis beat him with their fists, kicked him, and one even attacked him with pepper spray.

A Palestinian source speaking to Ynet recounted the chain of events that led to the assault. According to the source, two Palestinians were stopped for questioning by a soldier at the checkpoint. Several minutes later, he let one of them go and took the other with him back to the army post.

That entire time, a group of young Israelis stood nearby.

While the soldier and the Palestinian, 25-year-old Ayman Fahouri, who works as a tour guide and lives in the old city in Hebron, were standing at the army post, the young Israelis, some masked, approached them and started brutally beating Fahouri.

Video obtained by Ynet shows the soldier helpless in his attempts to stop the attackers. Later, Fahouri is seen trying to escape to the road and one of the Israelis confronting him and spraying pepper spray in his face.

At that point, Fahouri collapsed and the Israelis started running away, with the soldier chasing them. The Palestinian source claimed the Israelis escaped into Beit Hadassah and were not arrested.

Army and police forces that arrived at the scene following the Palestinians' report of the attack reportedly told the Palestinians they did not intend to handle the incident until the end of Shabbat.

Fahouri was taken to the Alia Government Hospital in Hebron.

You can view the attack and learn more about the attack by clicking here.

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