Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vanunu tells Channel 2: Israel's nuclear program a danger to the world

This report below is from Jerusalem Post. Remember Mordechai Vanunu? He was the former technician who worked at Israel's Dimona nuclear plant. He was imprisoned for 18 years for divulging secrets related to Israel’s purported nuclear weapons program. Israel remains the only Middle Eastern country with nuclear arsenal and is determined to maintain that advantage by hook or crook. No wonder it is against Iran and for that matter any other Arab or Muslim country developing nuclear technology. 

Vanunu gave his first interview to the Hebrew-language Israeli press on Friday.

Vanunu told Channel 2 that his decision to photograph sensitive nuclear facilities at Dimona, revealing information that Israel had kept secret until that point, was motivated by his desire to "inform the citizens of the Middle East, the world, and the state of Israel."

The former technician said that he had gradually adopted left-wing views during his employment at Dimona, and that he was horrified at "the danger" of Israel's nuclear weapons program.

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