Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cattle Become a Trigger for Sectarian Violence in India - NY Times

Under Hindutvadi leader Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India, the divisive Hindutvadi forces are now terrorizing non-Hindus. They are killing Muslims and other non-Hindus, even under the allegation that they have eaten beef. Here below is another such incident, reported in the New York Times.
NEW DELHI — Cattle have emerged as a trigger for sectarian tensions in India, with eruptions of deadly violence set off by even rumors of harm to cows, which are regarded as sacred by the country’s Hindu majority.
Police officials said on Friday that one Muslim man had died and four others were injured in the latest episode, in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. A group of Hindu activists who suspected the five men of smuggling cattle for slaughter attacked the men, beating them early on Wednesday morning, the police said. One later died as a result of his injuries.
The men were in a truck carrying 15 bulls and cows when the activists attacked them, and the one who died had been charged with cattle smuggling in another state, the police said. But some of the recent attacks have apparently had little or no basis.
A Muslim family was attacked three weeks ago in a village east of Delhi by a Hindu mob that suspected the family of eating beef, an accusation the family denied. The father, Mohammed Ikhlaq, 50, was killed, and his son was seriously injured.

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