Friday, October 23, 2015

Christian terrorist stabs two dead at a school in Sweden

Sweden has long been a country that shunned bigotry, but not any more. Ugly fascist forces are emerging with their deadly venoms.

A masked Swedish terrorist of Christian faith killed a teacher and a boy and wounded two others in a Swedish school on Thursday, stabbing them as he walked from classroom to classroom before being fatally wounded by police marksmen, officers said. The Kronan school where the violence took place is in Trollhattan, an industrial town of about 50,000 inhabitants in western Sweden that has a large proportion of immigrants and has been plagued by high unemployment after the demise of car company Saab which was headquartered there.
Attacks in schools are rare in Sweden, with the last similar attack taking place near Gothenburg in 1961.
"This is a black day for Sweden," Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said in a statement.

Police arrived minutes after the attack, following trails of blood smeared across the school corridors to find the assailant. They shot the suspect, in his early 20s, who died later of his injuries at a hospital. He had no criminal record.

You can read the news by clicking here.

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