Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is Donald Trump a closet bigot?

What's wrong with Donald Trump?

As resurgent Islamophobia has become more respectable in the broader western culture, especially the right-wing racists and bigots, racist and spiteful bigotry-ridden acts and assaults have once again become a staple of Republican life. In that spirit it seems that their candidates are on a competition of a kind to prove to their coterie how nasty bigots they are.

Take for instance the latest remark by Trump.  The Republican presidential frontrunner appeared Tuesday on “Varney & Co,” and the Fox Business host asked Trump about steps Britain has taken to fight Islamic radicals in that country, reported Mediaite. He said he would “absolutely” shut down U.S. mosques to defeat Islamic State militants, although he conceded that might not be legal.
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