Sunday, October 4, 2015

Muslim man lynched to death by Hindu mob in India on false accusation of eating beef

When is the last time you ate beef? If you eat beef once in a while or regularly you ought to consider yourself lucky to be alive. Yes, it is true and no exaggeration. 

Do you know that a Hindu mob killed a 50-year-old Muslim man and severely wounded his 22-year-old son in a northern Indian village over allegations they had eaten beef? Mohammad Akhlaq and his son, Danish, were dragged out of their house and beaten with bricks Monday night, family members said. Rumors that they had eaten and were storing cow meat were reportedly spread at a Hindu temple near their village of Dadri, about 30 miles outside the capital, New Delhi. Then a fanatic Hindu mob burst into Akhlaq's home to lynch him to death.

When is cow more precious than human beings? What is happening in India, the so-called largest democracy and secular country in our planet? Where is Gandhi's non-violence? Where is sanctity of human life? 

I can understand that cow is considered sacred in Hinduism. I can also understand that in an imperfect world that we live in, majoritarian views in an illiberal democracy are imposed on minorities no matter how wrong and unjust such are.  Many of the Indian states prohibit slaughter of cow. But when a fanatic mob takes upon itself to execute so-called crimes of its victims it merely shows that it is a failed state with failed institutions where fascism rules. And that is what is happening in Narendra Modi's India. No matter how Modi tries to hide this ugly and barbarous side of modern India from western investors only a fool would be fooled. 

Akhlaq’s daughter, Sajida, told reporters that the meat in question was mutton. Authorities sent meat found near Akhlaq’s house for testing to determine whether it was beef. 
“If the results prove that it was not beef, will they bring back my dead father?” said Sajida, 18, according to the Indian Express. She also said the mob “tried to molest me and hit my grandmother on her face.”
Religious riots often erupts into mob violence in India, where conservative, fanatic Hindu groups have gone on the attack over the alleged slaughter or consumption of beef. In 2008, Hindu hard-liners stripped and beat up three people they believed had killed a cow in the southern state of Karnataka.
The subject has become more sensitive over the last year, with a conservative Hindu or (more properly) BJP fascist government in power in New Delhi and a growing number of states imposing stronger protections for cows and bullocks. The legislation has rankled minority Muslims, who eat beef and are at the center of the trade in cow and bull meat.
Even in Muslim majority states are not spared from Hindu fascism. This month, a court in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, which has a large Muslim population, outlawed the sale of beef, prompting large protests that led authorities to temporarily bar Internet service.
What is next to expect in Modi's India? Will his fascist policies fracture his country along religious divides that would only promote insecurity in the region? Surely, the Hindu fascist groups are on the rise and they are flexing their muscles knowing very well that their crimes would be overlooked in Modi's India. No wonder following the arrests of the suspects in Dadri, Hindu demonstrators on Tuesday damaged some vehicles. 

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