Friday, October 23, 2015

Suicide bombings in Pakistan

Pakistan is seemingly becoming a failed state with sectarian attacks against the minority Shi'ites on the rise. Even Friday prayers where Muslims gather to pray are not immune from attack by extremist groups that want to divide the country along sectarian fault lines. While many well-meaning Pakistanis see the hand of Indian intelligence RAW in such attacks to create chaos and division in this country of some 180 million people, the dirty hands of extremist Wahabis or Salafis cannot be hidden under the rug. Many of these criminal elements are ISIS affiliated.

A suicide bombing at a Shi'ite Muslim mosque killed at least 10 people in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan on Thursday, officials said, raising fears of more sectarian attacks during the upcoming Shi'ite holiday of Ashura, which is one of holy days for Muslims.

Fears of violence have been heightened this year after Taliban splinter groups pledged allegiance to the Syria- and Iraq-based ISIS, a terrorist group that has repeatedly targeted Shi'ites. Analysts say Pakistani groups hoping for patronage want to impress ISIS.

Today, more than a dozen Muslims were killed in a separate Ashura event in Jacobabad when a Shi'ite rally of mourners was attacked by a suicide bomber. According to Dawn and al Jazeera, bomb detonated in a Muharram procession near Shershah Haveli in Jacobabad's Lashari Mohalla Friday evening, killing at least 20 people and injuring many others.

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