Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's happening in Israel?

What's happening in the  occupied territories of Palestine? For an answer, please, view the link here.

As a second Palestinian youth was shot in Jerusalem on Wednesday night, the Israeli media immediately accused him of “attempting” to stab an Israeli settler. However, several eyewitnesses refuted the story, one of them Israeli.
Ahmad Abu-Shaaban (26) was shot-dead by Israeli occupation police forces in Jerusalem today, after settlers started screaming that he is “a terrorist,” and giving orders to “shoot him.”
Qpress media has published a recorded phone call with an Israeli witness, who was present at the scene. He says:
“It is absolute mess here.
[Ahmad] was liquidated before my eyes. They shot him with ten bullets
He did not do anything and did not wield a knife.
Everyone shouted “terrorist” and [the police] just shot him.”

Ahmad is the second youth to be shot by IOF in Jerusalem within a few hours Wednesday night, following 16-year-old Basil Sider, who was shot in similar circumstances, in Damascus gate, East Jerusalem.

You can watch: IOF shoot dead Ahmad Abu Sha’aban in Jerusalem’s bus station by clicking here.

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