Friday, November 6, 2015

Uri Avnery's latest article - The cats of Ariel

Here is a link to Uri Avnery's latest article.

To quote him:
"One of the most famous sentences in the Bible is a question addressed by Avner to Yoav. Avner was King Saul’s army chief, Yoav was the commander under David. After a long civil war, which was won by David, Avner (after whom I named myself) addressed Yoav, asking: “Shall the sword devour for ever? Knowest thou not that it will be bitterness in the latter end?” (2 Samuel, 2.26) Yoav did not listen, and in the end killed Avner.
In ancient Hebrew, the text reads literally: “Will you forever eat the sword?”
This week Netanyahu answered the ancient question. He told the Israeli people: “We will forever eat the sword!”
To put it in modern language: Yes, we shall live by the sword forever. There will never be peace.
It is not that Netanyahu loves war. He only knows that in order to achieve peace, we have to give back the occupied territories. Neither he nor the people surrounding him are ready to do so.
That is the whole problem in a nutshell."

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