Thursday, March 10, 2016

Inside Myanmar's Rohingya 'Concentration Camps'

The Rohingyas of Myanmar (formerly Burma) are the most persecuted people in our planet. They are denied all rights within the racist and bigotry-ridden country and are victims of an eliminationist drives by the Buddhist majority.
Today tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims live in internment camps along Myanmar’s west coast. Despite being the first settler to the land and generations of history in the country’s Rakhine State, members of this minority are referred to as “Bengalis” by the Buddhist majority, who regard them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
When ethnic cleansing pogroms broke out in June 2012, killing probably hundreds and displacing tens of thousands, security forces removed Rohingya to camps encircling Rahkine’s state capital, Sittwe, supposedly for their own safety. 
Instead, nearly four years later, they suffer from chronic malnutrition, receive minimal medical care and are forbidden to travel freely outside the camps — let alone return home.
Here is an article which provides their status.

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