Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rights groups demand end to indefinite detention of Rohingya

Thailand has given shelter to many Burmese fleeing Myanmar. However, it has been quite discriminatory in who she allows to stay and who ends up in the detention camps or sent back to the den of intolerance called Myanmar. Most Buddhists fleeing Myanmar had a much better chance to finding shelter inside Thailand. On the other hand, for decades, many of Rohingya Muslims were pushed back to Myanmar where they ended up rotting in notorious prisons. Many ended up in Thai detention camps. Many were even sold as slaves to work for Thai masters. Religion mattered in such policies carried out by Thai government. 

This behavior is a far cry from that of Bangladesh where Buddhists fleeing Myanmar had a much easier integration than Muslims leaving the country. Yes, Bangladesh has been much less friendly to the Rohingya than she has been to Rakhine and Chakma infiltrators from Burma.

While many Rohingyas have found shelter in more friendlier Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, sadly, many of them are detained in those countries. This detention of vulnerable refugees need to stop immediately.

Human rights advocates have called for the governments of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to end the indefinite detention of Rohingya refugees in immigration facilities and government-operated shelters... 
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