Saturday, March 12, 2016

The coming AIPAC conference

No political lobby have had as much control on American politics as the AIPAC. Their control over the discourses in and about the Middle East is simply complete, and may continue to remain as such unless one day Americans can wake up from their delusions or night walks with the pariah state which has been guilty of not only  war crimes against the indigenous people but also its sickening apartheid character, epitomizing racism.
AIPAC will host its annual meeting on March 20-22 where many of the 'Amen Corner' devotees from the Capitol Hill will show up to again kneel down to its seemingly all powerful altar. Without AIPAC's blessing they feel that their political lives can be short-lived. In this election year, as expected many of the candidates, esp. presidential hopefuls are expected to speak in the invent to show how reliable partners they had been in the past and how they will espouse the Israel-first principle to serve the interest of the criminal Zionist state, if elected to the highest office in the land.
Interestingly, Donald Trump, the very guy who has been accused of being Hitler-like, has also been invited to this very event. He will speak at the annual gathering, and so will Mrs. Clinton and VP Joe Biden. By the way, Netanyahu, the war criminal, who decided not to meet President Obama, will speak via satellite.

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