Thursday, March 10, 2016

Which Democratic Party candidate to vote for?

It is very unlikely that any Muslim American will vote for the Republican Party candidate for the president of the USA, most of whom are behaving like a bunch of rogue 3rd graders running for the most important position in the world. The choice then falls into voting for the Democratic Party. There two candidates - both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders - are competing. 

Based on available published information, it is believed that most Muslims have so far voted in favor of Mrs. Clinton and not so many for Mr. Sanders who is less known. But things are changing fast as he is trying to define himself clearly as an honest politician truly desiring to change the way the USA has been run thus far at the mercy of powerful lobbyists. He has so far kept himself clean and appears very genuine and honest. Thus, he appears to be a far cry from other politicians. 

Here are some hard facts: Most US politicians are mindful of the power of the Jewish/Zionist lobby and are not going to rock their boat. They would not condemn the war crimes of the rogue state. That says a lot about what is wrong with the US foreign policy.

The Secretary Clinton is no different; she is an unabashed supporter of Israel, no matter how horrendous the war crimes of the pariah state have been. Such a biased position is not going to bring in peace in the region, and surely not in our time. 

On the other hand, Senator Sanders, a Jew himself, last Tuesday, called for the U.S. to seek a “level playing field” in its approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Speaking after his surprising victory in the Michigan Democratic primary, Sanders asserted that there are people of good will in both “Israel and the Arab communities” whom he would seek to bring together as president. “All I can tell you is I will make every single effort to bring rational people on both sides together, so that hopefully we can have a level playing field, the United States treating everybody in that region equally,” Sanders said.

Sanders’ proposal to treat both sides fairly makes him an outlier in the presidential race. [The only other candidate to endorse such a position has been Donald Trump, who has said he would be “sort of a neutral guy” in his approach to negotiations. But Trump has also said that he would be “totally pro-Israel” in his policies. So, in typical Trump-style, his position seems to very opportunistic. How can he be neutral and pro-Israel on the crisis at the same time? With his anti-Muslim bigotry, very few, if at all, believing Muslims are expected to vote for him.]
The question is can Senator Sanders be trusted? After all, in 2014 Israel's war in Gaza, he famously told a pro-Palestinian critic at a Vermont town hall to “shut up”, and he has mostly been seen as a strong defender of Israel in its past conflicts.
Most Muslims, that is why, are tilting towards Senator Clinton hoping that she would be fair. Rania Khalek has written a very informative piece on Mrs. Clinton, which many Muslims are not aware of, but should be so as to make the right decision as they consider voting in the primaries. It can be viewed by clicking here.  

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