Saturday, July 2, 2016

Denmark's savage "jewellery law"

As I have shown a few times, most of the European countries are fascist and racist to the core. Even the years of civilizing practices, esp. since WW II have not been able to stamp out savagery from their essence. Look at, e.g., Denmark.

Refugees have had cash confiscated from them under Denmark's controversial “jewellery law” for the first time. How wonderful for a western civilized country!

Two men and three women, aged between 26 and 35 and of Iranian nationality, were arrested late on Tuesday at Copenhagen airport for using fake documents.

Under the legislation, called "vindictive" by Human Rights Watch, arriving asylum seekers are allowed to keep up to 10,000 kroner (£1,000) in cash and valuables but anything above that will be seized to pay for their stay.

Officials used the law, which came into force in February, to confiscate the equivalent of over £8,200 (79,600 kroner) from the Iranian citizens. All five of the migrants have asked for asylum, according to Danish police.

The measures have received criticism from several organisations, including from the United Nations, which said they would “fuel fear and xenophobia”.

Responding to the first use of the law, Zoran Stevanovic, the northern Europe representative of the United Nations' refugee agency, the UNHCR, told The Independent: "We have urgedDenmark not to introduce a possibility to seize asylum-seekers’ personal assets and belongings, in order to use their value to pay for their reception during the asylum procedure in Denmark.

"It is at a minimum inhumane and degrading to expect asylum seekers and refugees to let go of their treasured belongings irrespective of value.

"In addition, it may be important for refugees to have some personal assets at their disposal when they are about to start a life in a new country, and start the process towards self-sufficiency and integration."

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said confiscating assets from refugeesis “despicable” and “vindictive”.

Speaking earlier this year, Kenneth Roth, the director of HRW, said: "I think it's despicable that Denmark… [is] moving to seize the last remaining assets of people, who by virtue of their movement and vulnerability, tend to be impoverished."

Obviously, we don't expect a savage to all on a sudden become civilized. Denmark is a good example of this adage.

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