Saturday, July 2, 2016

Terrorists attack a cafe in Dhaka

Terrorism struck the capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh last night. CNN is covering the story. Here is the latest link.
Six suspected terrorists who attacked a cafe in the Gulshan area were killed, and one is arrested. More than a dozen hostages, mostly local, were rescued by the local commando unit. However, in the meantime more than a dozen hostages were killed by the killer terrorists before the commandos moved in this morning to stop their carnage. Many here in Bangladesh concur that if the army was allowed to move in right after the incident, rather than wasting time negotiating with the terrorists, almost all the precious lives could have been saved. It took only few minutes for the gallant and much capable Bangladeshi commandos to stop the killers.
You can also click here to read al Jazeera coverage.

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