Friday, August 12, 2016

Indian cow politics and the long arms of the RAW

Is there a hand of the RAW in recent Quetta bombing that killed scores of lawyers? The Pakistan government claims so. You can read the story by clicking here.
The relationship between Pakistan and India has been tense; Kashmiris are dying as a result of iron-fist policy of Delhi. Muslims and other religious minorities including the Dalits are lynched to death on mere suspicion of eating/carrying/storing cow meat. Modi has been rather slow in condemning such criminal activities by his Hindutvadi fanatics. He himself has long been a champion of the protection of the cow, probably to harvest the votes of devout Hindus.
Who can forget his fiery speeches in the run up to the 2014 Elections, attacking the ruling Congress of leading a “pink revolution” in the country with its alleged support to beef trade and ‘cow killers’. (It’s a different matter altogether that some of India’s biggest beef exporters – by the way under this government the country has become the world’s largest beef exporter – happen to be Hindu.) To quote an Indian Express editorial, “Bigotry and blackmail, lumpenism and violence in the name of the cow have picked up pace ever since the Modi government came to power  in 2014 armed with a huge mandate."
Modi now says, he feels “infuriated at some people who have opened shops in the name of cow protection.” He condemned the cow vigilantes as people “who commit anti-social activities through the night, don the mantle of cow protectors by the day.”
Why this change of mood? Is it because of the coming election in which Dalits and other persecuted minorities can unseat his BJP party?
To read the story on Modi's latest rebuke, click here.

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