Saturday, August 13, 2016

The cost of short-sighted missionary zeal in Sudan

Remember all the hullaballoo about South Sudan when Christian missionaries were arming the terrorist Christians to secede from  Muslim-majority Sudan? Five years ago, the USA and the western world took the lead to see the creation of the Christian-majority South Sudan out of the belly of Sudan. As noted in the Boston Globe recently by Steve Kinzer, pushed by an odd coalition of movie stars and conservative Christians, the United States midwifed the birth of a new African nation, South Sudan. Senior American leaders attended the glittering independence celebration. This was supposed to be a liberation or a human rights project or a return to godliness. Only a few analysts saw the folly of such an ill-considered intervention.
“This place could go down in flames tomorrow,” General Scott Gration, the US military envoy, warned as independence approached. “The probability of failure is great.”
And that is what happened. In recent days, tens of thousands of South Sudan’s citizens have been killed in factional fighting. Thousands of women have been raped. Hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes. The economy is shattered. Inflation is the world’s worst. Soldiers loot to compensate for not being paid. At least a billion dollars has gone missing from the central bank. Abductions and rape campaigns have turned much of the country into a terror zone.

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