Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kashmir needs a plebscite

The Kashmir problem remains unsolved for nearly seven decades mostly owing to Indian government's refusal to hold a plebiscite in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Such a right of the people of the troubled area cannot be denied. India's continued refusal to hold a plebiscite has created an explosive situation in the IOK. The scenic state has been turned into a prison with rifle holding military preserving the sovereignty of India. They are guilty of war crimes.
When young boys in Kashmir pelted stones at the Army, expressing rage over an alleged fake encounter that had killed three young men, the Army responded with bullets, killing over 110 youths.
Crowd control measures by the army and other security forces included the firing of pellets which have blinded scores of people. The media find it difficult to report from Indian-administered Kashmir, but in August the Indian Express reported that “Since July 8, the doctors at the ophthalmology department of the SMHS hospital have treated 365 persons injured mostly by pellets and 302 of them have undergone preliminary surgeries. A total of 425 eye surgeries of victims injured during security crackdown have taken place in the hospital since July 9.”
As the New York Times reported of one such incident, “The patient’s eyelids have been stretched back with a metal clamp, so his eyeball bulges out of glistening pink tissue. The surgeon sits with his back very straight, cutting with tiny movements of his fingers. Every now and then, a thread of blood appears in the patient’s eye socket. The patient is 8 years old.”
There is little wonder that the insurgency in Kashmir has intensified.
For solution, the UN Resolution of 1948 must be implemented, which states that “The Government of India should undertake that there will be established in Jammu and Kashmir a Plebiscite Administration to hold a plebiscite as soon as possible on the question of the accession of the State to India or Pakistan.”
And the world is still waiting.
Here is a good article on this topic.

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