Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tax Evasion by the filthy rich is not uncommon

In recent days, we learnt that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been a tax dodger who may not have paid federal taxes for at least 18 years. He considers such evasion as a "smart" thing to do, which is also paraded as a virtue by immoral guys like former NY mayor Rudi G. What a shameful display by these guys with no moral compass!
How can such guys lead a nation or be a source of inspiration for others, let alone preach virtue and nobility?
By the way, Donald is not alone in tax dodging. Remember Marc Rich, another filthy billionaire? He was pardoned by Clinton. Obviously, politics is dirty and nasty!
None of our politicians has a clean slate, or so it seems!
Click here to read an analysis on Marc Rich's pardon.

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