Monday, January 16, 2017

The pot calling the kettle black - Comments on Kanbawza Win

Kanbawza Win remains a hard-core bigot and racist who is still in the denial of the Rohingya origin and identity, as is clear from his flawed statement: "Rohingyas, the self-christened Arakanese Muslims, who categorically refused to be identified as Arakanese even though they have resided in Arakan throughout their existence since the British occupation some two centuries ago." (Asian Tribune) Mark his phrases and carefully chosen words to see his deplorable chauvinism.
Contrary to his assertion, Arakan was ruled by Indian-origin 'darker' skinned people (with deep roots in Bengal, esp. south-eastern Chittagong) before the Mongoloid people moved in from outside who annexed and ruled the country. That is history and no myth. To disconnect the children of these Chittagonian/Bengali/Indian looking folks as "outsiders" who had just appeared in the Arakan littoral in the British-era is an obscene distortion of history.

If these "Arakanese Muslims" call or self-identify themselves as Rohingya, it is within their legitimate right to do so. No charlatan analyst and chauvinist like Kanbawza Win has any moral, let alone legal, ground to discredit such claims. Period!

Such flawed assertions tarnish Win's otherwise serious article about Burma, which would only be viewed as his hypocritical attempt to call the kettle black. For him to be taken seriously for his analysis on Burma, he has to evolve into a rational, thinking, and concerned human being and not someone who remains a chauvinist and is willing to overlook the genocidal crimes against a persecuted community in the 21st century.

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