Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Corruption index

Bangladesh is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in a Transparency International survey. Its rank was 139th as a clean country, tying with Kenya, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Uganda (i.e., worse than Nigeria - long known for systemic corruption) in 2015. Its ranking was better than neighboring Myanmar (which held the 147th rank). Every other south Asian country (including Pakistan) was less corrupt than Bangladesh. In comparison, e.g., India's ranking was 76th.

Has perception improved in 2016?

India's rank has slid down to 79th tying with China, better than all its south-Asian neighbors minus Bhutan. And so has Bangladesh. It is perceived to be more corrupt in 2016 with the 145th ranking. Even Myanmar (now ranked 136th) has now a better perception image than Bangladesh.

Something hardly changes or goes better in poor Bangladesh!

Something to think about for the Hasina administration!

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