Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dr Zarni on Vijay Nambiar

Vijay Nambiar of India served as the United Nations’ special advisor on Myanmar from January 2012 to December 2016. However, he has been a dishonest diplomat when it comes to upholding human rights.
See the note below from Dr. Zarni:
Nambiar is lying, distorting and spinning,  the interview made me want to vomit.  here is why:

This man - Nambiar , ex-Indian official is one of the most dishonest apologists of the Burmese military.  He would lobby international governments and organizations such as OIC, alongside Myanmar's lying genocidal leaders such as  ex-police chief and immigration minister ex-brigadier khin yi.    In his lobby meeting with the OIC rep in New York on 27 Apr 2014, Nambiar soft-peddled the Burmese regime's official lie - that if the Rohingyas dropped the ethnic name rohingya there would be increased prospects for citizenship for them.

Like Kofi Annan, another dishonest career bureaucrat at the UN who, in his capacity as head of UN Peacekeeping in NY Hqrs concealed crucial information about the looming genocide in Rwanda, Nambia came with a baggage.  

 He played an extremely controversial role in Sri Lanka's war against Eelam Tamils.  He is widely despised by the victim community there for his pro-State stance.

He was involved in the Burmese military-led "peace negotiations", pushing the military's line with the ethnic armed organizations.   none of the principled ethnic minority leaders trust Nambia.

His "suu kyi" will and can do the right thing, if given time and confidence,  is utter bullshit. against the prevailing evidence of Suu Kyi's own anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim racism.   

I shared a panel with Suu Kyi at LSE, and she didn't even have moral courage or intellectual integrity to say truthfully that we as  a country officially recognized Rohingyas as our own ethnic minority - not as a migrant group - who saddle pre-nation state region of N. Arakan.    

Suu Kyi is a liar and a racist: there is no appreciable difference between her and the generals whom she considers, reportedly and publicly, as "her father's sons".     

3 of my old or former close friends  from Myanmar Peace Center - now defunct or reshaped - were in a meeting with Suu Kyi last year.   The shit she spitted out of her mouth, her views on ethnic minority-majority relations, compelled one of them to say, "your views and the generals are  more or less the same."  

Sure enough, on 4 Jan, Independence Day, Commander in Chief, the man who backseat-drive her blamed the Kachin and others who refuse accept the "peace on Myanmar military's terms" 'narrow-minded".  In Dec last year, Suu Kyi trashed the minority leaders who refused to sign the ceasefire as "cowardly", the same occasion on which she laughed out loud at the coded question about the world's pressure and allegations of Rohingya genocide.  

In the international politics, we have seen extremely pathetic figures recycled as "peace envoys" 'negotiators" grey eminence" - Kofi Annan, Tony Blair - and Nambiar (in a little league), unlike the first two. 

It is the greatest misfortune for ordinary people like me and my fellow activists, Rohingyas or otherwise, who have to deal with the cowshit spitted out of the mouths of  these famous, but pathetic figures, Kofi Anan included.

I am not being polite or diplomatic because I KNOW we live in a morally fucked up world clustered around UN.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
- Lilla Watson, a Brisbane-based Aboriginal artist, activist, and academic

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