Monday, January 16, 2017

Help build the campaign for the rights of the Rohingya

A message from Mark Farmaner of  Burma Campaign UK -

For more than three months the Burmese Army has been on the rampage against the Rohingya.  When they attack villages they rape women, torture and execute men, make mass arrests and burn homes. 65,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh. There is no end in sight for the crisis.

But this week there is an opportunity to do something about it!

This Thursday 56 Foreign Ministers are holding an emergency meeting on the Rohingya crisis. They are from the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). They could decide to support an inquiry by the UN Human Rights Council into the Rohingya crisis.

Such an investigation could help reduce human rights violations and set out a roadmap for ensuring human rights for the Rohingya.

Having a major international body like the OIC would be a huge boost for the campaign for rights for the Rohingya.

This is what Rohingya human rights activists have been asking for. Will you help them?
Please, click on the link to voice your support for the inquiry.

Dear Prime Minister Najib Razak and all members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation:
I would like to thank you for organising the meeting on the Rohingya on Thursday 19th January
As you are well aware, since the latest crackdown on the Rohingya began in October last year, there are credible reports of numerous human rights violations which break international law.
In addition, the new government in Burma has kept in place policies of the previous government which were designed to use a combination of repression and impoverishment to drive the Rohingya out of Burma. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Burma as a result, and this is having a serious impact on neighbouring countries and the entire region.
With the government and military in Burma not even willing admit these violations are taking place, let alone take steps to end them, it is clear that international action is needed if this crisis is ever to be resolved.
I would therefore like to request that the OIC officially support the establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry into the totality of the situation in Rakhine State, and work to ensure that the establishment of such an Inquiry is included in the next resolution on Burma at the Human Rights Council.
A UN Commission of Inquiry can investigate human rights violations which have taken place in order to establish the truth, investigate government laws and policies used against the Rohingya, and make recommendations to the government of Burma and the international community on how to start to address the situation.
Rohingya human rights and community organisations believe the establishment of such an Inquiry will be a critical step towards improving their situation. I hope that the OIC will respond positively to their request at this critical time.
Thank you again for your concern and support for the Rohingya.

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