Friday, February 17, 2017

Daesh Suicide Attack Kills 75 at a Pakistani Sufi Shrine

In vast territories of the world - from Indonesia to Senegal where Muslims live as a majority - the practitioners of Islam are a very gentle, kind and hospitable people that are moderate in their dealings, following the middle road - away from any form of extremism. However, that centuries-old practice is now threatened by a very doctrinally-corrupt, cancerous and extremist interpretation of the faith of some 1.7 billion Muslims. This new threat and cancer is epitomized by the murderous activities of Daesh (or ISIS). These extremists like to kill every ordinary Muslim who is not a follower of their misguided path.
Peace loving Muslims and Sufis and their shrines have thus become easy targets for these cancerous elements of ISIS. No wonder they attack world-heritage sites everywhere to wipe out the past violently. Last week, they killed some 75 Muslims in a Sufi shrine in Pakistan.
To read about their latest mayhem, click here.

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