Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Myanmar publisher who criticized establishment is found stabbed to death

Suu Kyi's Myanmar is becoming a difficult for anyone critical of government and its military. Journalists and activists are often targeted in Myanmar, where freedom of speech still faces considerable obstacles.
In the past three months, a prominent lawyer who worked to change the military-drafted constitution was assassinated, and a journalist was threatened after speaking out against nationalist Buddhists. In December, a reporter covering illegal logging and crime in the country's rugged northwest was beaten to death.
A Myanmar publisher whose magazine has criticized the military, political and business establishment was found stabbed to death in his office at the weekend, police said on Tuesday.
Wai Yan Heinn, 27, was stabbed 15 times with a knife in his chest and abdomen, police captain Yin Htwe told Reuters.
One headline described Suu Kyi, who is the country's de facto leader but under the constitution is barred from the presidency because her two sons are foreigners, as a "drone president", implying she controls the government from the back seat.

Wai Yan Heinn published a weekly news magazine called Iron Rose which, according to frontpage images available online, has run stories criticizing Myanmar's former ruling generals and businessmen connected to them.
Police said the victim's body was discovered lying in a chair in his Yangon office on Sunday after neighbors reported a rotten odor.
"We loved our son so much, I'm speechless," his mother said after the funeral on Tuesday, asking not to be named out of fear of retribution.
She said the family was heartbroken because Wai Yan Heinn was their only son. She did not know why he was killed.
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