Saturday, June 10, 2017

President Trump a "piece of s—", says Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan, who hosted the CNN's "Believer" has ben fired from the network after calling President Trump a "piece of s—" in a tweet.
Aslan, an Iranian-American, was angry at Trump's response to the terrorist attack in London that left seven dead and dozens wounded. The University of California at Riverside professor and TV host posted and then deleted the tweet attacking Trump's use of several terrorist incidents in the UK to push his travel ban.
"This piece of s— is a not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He's an embarrassment to humankind," Aslan wrote.Aslan later apologized, saying, "I should have used better language to express my shock and frustration at the president's lack of decorum and sympathy for the victims of London. I apologize for my choice of words."
"Believer" would have entered a second season had it been picked up.
"CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series 'Believer' with Reza Aslan (season two). We wish Reza and his production team all the best," a network spokeswoman said.
I am sure Reza would find a new host tv to convey his much-acclaimed show. 

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