Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gang rape of Rohingya teens inside mosque by Myanmar military

Rohingya women who survived the Burmese military’s most recent genocidal operation want the world to know who they are, and what they’ve faced.

The UN reports that over a thousand Rohingya were killed in the operation, and over half of Rohingya women fleeing Burma were raped and sexually violated.

The following are first hand accounts from our Rohingya sisters.

There is a simple reason that they are being so open to the world about their identities. As Tasmina put it, “it’s up to you. We want to see change.”

Nur Qaida

She was tortured by the Burmese military.

Nur Qaida, also related the disturbing voyeurism that soldiers engaged in while brutalizing her and others.

"They put the video of my rape on the internet."


Rashida's village was plundered by Burmese forces. Her husband was taken by the military, she doesn't know where he is or if he is alive. Her daughter was killed in front of her eyes.

"Then they pulled at me. When I refused, they threw me down and punched my face."


Anwara's village was surrounded by the military who entered the villagers' houses, dragging out the women and children. Her mother and father were slaughtered.

"[T]hey took all my clothes off to abuse me. They did exactly what they wanted to. They released us but some others came. They beat us a lot. Those who came at 8 p.m. raped me till 12 a.m., and those who came at 12 a.m. stayed till 1 a.m. In this way, they did whatever they wanted."


She saw homes in her once peaceful village burned down, as the military massacred her parents.

"[T]hey took me into an empty house. About ten to fifteen of them abused me. They took my clothes off. They did whatever they wanted and then they released me."

Burma Task Force: Anti-Rape Campaign

The rape crimes against Rohingya women by Burmese military personnel is crushing the spirits and bodies of these oppressed people.


For this project, the Burma Task Force requests volunteers to help resist these egregious war crimes by: holding those who commit them accountable and demanding decision makers urgently take action to end these crimes.

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