Saturday, July 22, 2017

Indian troops kill Kashmiri civilian

Kashmir: Indian troops kill young tailor amid protests

Residents say army fired indiscriminately at protesters, as police claim soldiers were being pelted with rocks.

Behind the fa├žade of democracy and secularism, India has been steadily transforming itself into a Hindu fascist state where the lives of minorities are becoming worse day by day. With the presence of nearly half a million soldiers, the Indian Occupied Kashmir has been turned into a war zone with security forces everywhere who don't mind killing wantonly anyone who is a Muslim. By default, all the Kashmiri Muslims are fair targets for shooting.
Even a tailor is not safe from such criminality of the government of India that refuses to allow the people of Jammu and Kashmir to decide their fate - the UN mandated right to plebiscite - something that they were promised more than seventy years ago. More than 70,000 unarmed Kashmiris have been butchered by the Indian forces. But who is counting?
Here is the latest report on Kashmir.

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