Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Madrasa demolished by Myanmar military

Can you name a country outside Israel that does not allow reconstruction of a damaged structure? Probably not, unless you are paying close attention to the worst apartheid state in our world. It is Myanmar and not Israel.
As a matter of fact there is no parallel in matters of apartheid character with the Buddhist state of Myanmar in our time.
Read the report below from the RVision about the authorities there have demolished a madrasa in Akyab whose Persian name has been changed to Sittwe as part of a wider plan to disconnect its past to Islam and Muslims of the region.

Akyab: A Madarasa (Religious School) has been demolished by military in Misirideal village of Akyab township for renovating its roof, which was earlier damaged by the Cyclone Mora on 17th July 2017, reports an eyewitness.
The destructive incidence took place at 12:00 PM under the command from the battalion in the area with the accusation of building the religious school.
According to locals it was just a renovation process which was carried out by the financial support from the poor villagers, whom were just trying to renovate the roof for the students in the school. “The roof was totally damaged in Cyclone Mora and we just wanted to fix the roof for our children’s education” said a suffering Rohingya under the condition of anonymity.
Destructing and abusing religious structure have been a powerful genocidal tool since the regime’s rule in Burma, where no sign of equality and human right is practiced even in the Suu Kyi’s so called democratic government.

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