What a shameful history of intolerance in Suu Kyi's Myanmar that neve dies?

Daily harassment and persecution of the Rohingyas of Myanmar continue without any sign of reduction. The FASCIST Buddhists of Myanmar, esp. the western Rakhine state, don't want any UN investigation team to inquire about their sufferings either. That is the level of savage mentality that many Myanmarese Buddhists now exhibit!

Here are links to some latest crimes of the Myanmar government -

1. Buthidaung – Burmese troops suddenly attacked a house of Rohingya and shot the home-owner to death along with his two neighbors on July 9, 2017 in the upper site of Taung Bazar, northern Buthidaung Township under Arakan state of Burma.

2. Military Demands huge amount after Arresting 2 Rohingya in Taungbazar (July 7)

The victims are identified as: Muhammed Haroon, S/O Basu, 30, and Abdur Rajjak, S/O Muhammed Shafi, 40. Military demanded 200, 0000 kyats from their families who are unable to fulfill the unlawful demand.

3. A group of military soldiers suddenly attacked Ward-01, Maung Hnama village of Ngarang Chaung village track, in Taung Bazar at around 10 am on July 5.

During the raid, military arbitrarily caught the locals they found and beat them inhumanely. Although they didn’t detain anyone they torched two houses of the poor and innocent Rohingyas in the aim of making the Rohingyas homeless so that they can label them as illegal immigrants and then kill the men of the families accusing them as the insurgents, said a tortured local on the condition of anonymity.

The owners of the houses are identified as Zakariya, son of Baaser and Anwar, son of Abdu Rashid.

Seeing the brutal military movement in the village, the locals said, “Perhaps, the troops will attack us again on the accusation of having link with Rohingya insurgent group. They must seek a way to arrest men in order to imprison them unjustly. As we have become a burden in the eyes of the government because of our race, culture and religion, they want to finish us completely by hook or by crook.” 

Myanmar security forces have been raiding and plundering the Rohingya villages on daily basis across Maungdaw district since October 9, 2016, the day when three Border Guard Police camps were attacked resulting 9 police deaths.

4. Ten Arrested in Southern Maungdaw for Alleged Rebel Links

The victims arrested are:

1) Hafiz Idiris (27), s/o Hafiz Amanullah

2) Hafiz Abdul Hoque

3) Shah Alam s/o Iqbal

4) Yunose (School Teacher from Ye Bone Pyin, Padin village tract)

5) Jahangir (18), s/o Baser

6) Kifayat Ullah

7) Hafiz Nayeem

8) Hussain

9) Yahya Khan

10) And one more.

The victims are now said to have been transferred to and detained in the camp of the Border Guard Police Regional Command 9 in southern Maungdaw.

5. Lately, Buddhists have been protesting in Rakhine state against the information-gathering visit of the United Nations' special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, who has slammed the government's treatment of the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority.

Fewer than 100 demonstrators waited for the arrival of Yanghee Lee in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine, on Wednesday, chanting slogans and holding signs that called the UN rapporteur unfair and unwanted as she passed in her car.


6. Last month on June 30 the government of Suu Kyi said that the three investigators designated by the UN's Human Rights Council for probing suffering of the Rohingyas were not welcome, insisting it was conducting its own probe into alleged atrocities against the minority group.

That refusal amounts to "a slap in the face to victims who suffered grave human rights violations by Myanmar's state security forces", John Fisher, Geneva director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.

"Does Aung San Suu Kyi's government really want to be included in a very small and ignominious club of countries that reject Human Rights Council decisions?" he said.

Here below is a story 'Worse than Prison' - Girl, 4, becomes face of suffering Rohingya children starving to death amid ‘ethnic cleansing’ that appeared in the NY Times:

Five years after a genocidal wave of anti-Muslim violence forced more than 120,000 Rohingya Muslims into camps in the primarily Buddhist nation of Myanmar, the recently-elected government of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi appears to have given up any pretense of trying to protect the Muslim minority. Among the victims of the systematic persecution of the Rohingya is Rosmaida Bibi, a tiny frail 4-year-old with big brown eyes, one of a multitude of Rohingya children suffering terribly from malnutrition in a camp that authorities refuse to let anyone leave. Barely the size of a 1-year-old, Rosmaida can hardly walk or even speak. Bones protrude visibly against the pallid skin of her chest.

“This is worse than a prison,” said Rosmaida’s 20-year-old mother, Hamida Begum, referring to the makeshift hut where her daughter was born. Told The Associated Press. “I want to give her an education. I want to send her to school like all the other kids. But it’s not possible because she’s so sick … she cannot grow.”

The Rohingya have long been denied citizenship, freedom of movement, and other basic rights in Myanmar. But Begum says that back at her former home in Sittwe, Buddhists and Muslims had managed to coexist peacefully. Then, on June 5, 2012, Buddhist mobs began attacking Muslims and burning their homes. Begum says she ran away barefoot, only realizing later that her feet had been badly bloodied during her escape. Today, with the exception of a single district, Muslims are banned from walking the streets of Sittwe.

Despite optimism after Suu Kyi’s party swept elections last year, Myanmar’s government has continued to condone persecution, and even “mass killing, mass rape, [and] widespread forced labor,” according to the advocacy group Fortify Rights. In response to an attack by a Rohingya insurgent group that killed nine officers in October, the government responded by burning entire villages, raping their women, and killing an unknown number of people as 75,000 Rohingya fled into neighboring Bangladesh, according to the United Nations. Myanmar’s government offers a differing account of events — according to the government, only 52 people went missing or died during the attacks, and only extremists carried out any killings.

A UNICEF report from May estimates that 150 children under the age of 5 die every day in Myanmar. But the U.N. lacks statistics from within the Rohingya camps, where aid workers say the situations is far worse — and where half of all inhabitants are children.

Watch the video of the Rohingya camps: Video - Trapped in Myanmar: Life inside a Rohingya camp by clicking here.


Of course, the persecution is not limited to Rohingyas alone, but include all Muslims who have been living in this den of intolerance and slow genocide for centuries.

This week, on Monday night a Muslim man was attacked by Buddhist nationalists in Meikhtila Township. The police have not arrested any one but insist that perpetrators of this hate crime is not from the fascist Ma Ba Tha. Who knows?

Does Suu Kyi's government care to find the culprits? If not now, when? What a shameful defacement of the Nobel Prize for peace? What a she-devil she has proved to be?


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