Thursday, August 3, 2017

Myanmar BGP and military attack Dudang village

Myanmar joint forces of army and Border Guard Police (BGP) attacked Dudang (Ludaing) village tract of Northern Maungdaw and tortured hundreds of innocent Rohingya villagers irrespective of young and old, men and women on August 2, 2017 at around 5: 00 am.
According to our correspondent report, a group of joint forces of military and BGP from Kyin Chaung and Ngakuya based camps came by vehicles and besieged the Dudang village in the early morning of August 2.
Most of the male members fled the village hearing and seeing the security forces coming toward them and some about 200 people who could not flee were detained from their respective house by forces during the raid.

The detainees were taken to village school where they were gathered at a place and made them sit for hours and tortured mercilessly with strong sticks by army personnel.
Moreover, the joint forces also looted the valuable accessories from the houses while they were conducting raid in every house of the village. They ransacked the house hold articles and molested the women inside the houses as they did not find any illegal things.
The detained innocent Rohingya were released after they were assaulted randomly by army and BGP forces in the afternoon.
Such harassment and persecutions are being continuously conducted by Myanmar security forces to systematically compel the Rohingya residents to flee the State across Bangladesh and other neighboring countries, like Thailand, India and Malayisa where tens of thousands of Rohingya have already fled earlier to avoid harsh persecution of Myanmar government forces.

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