Sunday, November 19, 2017

Two more Rohingyas lynched to death by Rakhine Buddhists

I just returned from my speaking engagement in NYC where the Rohingya crisis was discussed. And now I heard that another two Rohingyas have been lynched to death by Rakhine Buddhist extremists. Will such killing spree ever end? Do all the Rohingyas have to flee to Bangladesh to stop their extinction by Buddhist fascists of Myanmar, esp. the Rakhine state?
The report is shared from the Arakan Times.
Two Rohingya were killed and the other 2 seriously injured from Nget Chaung refugee camp in Pauktaw Township by Rakhine extremists on 19 November.
According to our correspondent report, two Rakhine men from nearby Rakhine village went to the refugee camp and called the four Rohingyas to their village to work as day laborers. They were taken by the two Rakhines saying that no harm would be on them and they would be responsible if anything happen on them.
However, the four Rohingyas were assaulted by Rakhine extremists inhumanely while they were working in the work site where 2 were spot dead and the other 2 were critically injured. The two injured victims somehow managed to flee to their camps.
The deceased were identified as Mohamed Osman (41) son of U Nur Ahamed and Amir Hussain (30) son of U Du Du Miah of Nget Chaung refugee camp, Pauktaw.
No further details are avaiable to Arakan Times.

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