Friday, April 13, 2018

Netanyahu says Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’

Days after an Israeli human rights group urged soldiers to refuse orders to shoot at Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip along the fence that divides the occupied territory from Israel, a group of left-wing Israeli activists approached soldiers stationed along the border and called them “terrorist.”
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday responded by defending the military for their “holy work,” and accused the activists of “outrageous absurdity.”
Netanyahu told his cabinet, “I see the outrageous absurdity that people are going up to IDF soldiers, who are defending them from annihilation, and are calling them terrorists.”
“They attack the IDF soldiers who act to thwart this destruction. There can be no greater absurdity. I think that every day, but especially today, we are all aware of the great contribution that the soldiers of the IDF make to the security and future of Israel,” he continued.
Netanyahu added that Israeli soldiers “need to do their holy work,” and referred to the Palestinian protesters as “terrorist.”

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