Saturday, June 9, 2018

Southern Baptists face a reckoning

The Southern Baptist Convention, the country's largest evangelical denomination, is headed for a showdown over its treatment of women that could not only have far-reaching ramifications for the church but also influence the broader secular #MeToo movement.
At its annual meeting next week in Dallas, delegates called "messengers" will decide whether to approve a resolution acknowledging that, throughout the church's history, male leaders and members of the church "wronged women, abused women, silenced women, objectified women."

The convention is meeting in the wake of several widely publicized scandals in which prominent Southern Baptist leaders have been accused of or have admitted inappropriate behavior toward women.
"Many women have experienced horrific abuses within the power structures of our Christian world," Beth Moore, a prominent evangelical teacher in Houston, wrote in an open letter last month.

I am not surprised to read this. As we have seen, many of these Southern Baptists, who claim to be evangelists, live an immoral lives. Still, they think that their sins will be forgiven by simply believing in Jesus as their lord. They are gun-ho supporters of the apartheid state of Israel and believe that they are preparing ground for their lord's final coming on earth by so doing. In their convoluted mind, morality never is the most important thing; they flocked to vote for Trump despite his terrible record of abuse, fornication, greed, etc. - the very opposite of what Jesus taught.

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