Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Myanmar government wants to demolish mosques and madrasas

One of the major steps in ethnic cleansing is to cut off the targeted community from its cultural heritage. So, it is common to see the apartheid government in Israel demolish mosques and churches that it considers illegal, i.e., built without government permits.
The Buddhist fascist governments in Burma (Myanmar)  have committed several such cultural crimes against non-Buddhist minorities since the 1960. One would have thought that in Suu Kyi's Burma such demolitions would stop allowing its various minorities to practice their religion freely. Obviously, we were wrong.
Arakan State’s Border Affairs Ministry has pledged to bring down all buildings in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships constructed without permission from local authorities, including mosques and madrasas.
Speaking to residents of the state capital Sittwe on Tuesday, Border Affairs Minister Colonel Htein Linn said that the authorities would look to take down illegally constructed buildings in the two townships bordering Bangladesh.
“We are working to bring down the mosques and other buildings constructed without permission in a set period of time in accordance with the law,” he said, adding that the state government would issue an official announcement in the near future.
Htein Linn previously mentioned the plan at a meeting held on Sunday with local government departments and Muslim community leaders. The Muslim leaders pointed out that bringing down the mosques could create unnecessary tensions between the state’s Buddhist and Arakanese communities.
“This plan could result in religious violence and other undesirable problems,” said one Muslim community leader from Maungdaw. “This is not constructive and creates a dilemma for local people.”
According to statistics by the regional immigration department, there are currently 2,270 buildings constructed without permission in Maungdaw, including nine mosques, 24 madrasas, 1,667 residential homes, 445 shop spaces and 125 buildings categorised as “other”.
It goes without saying that all such targeted demolition sites belong to Muslim residents of the Arakan state who were the first settlers to that land. As also noted by local Muslim residents, "the project to destroy mosques and buildings of Rohingya under the pretext of illegal construction is intentionally designed to push the Rohingya out of the country. The pretext illegal construction is nonsense. No building can be built without permission from the authorities since the establishment of Na Sa Ka. Even to fence the housing, permission is necessary. Building mosques and madrasah has been long stopped in Arakan. Stepping-stone-destruction of every aspect of a community is happening in the light of 21st century global community."
Through such demolitions the Myanmar government wants to suffocate the Rohingyas and other Muslims forcing them to leave the country.
It is simply criminal and unacceptable in our time!

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