Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Suicide bombing in Kabul

Twelfth of Rabi al-Awwal is celebrated as the  birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Many Muslim countries observe holiday in recognition of this solemn day. But these days, thanks to the criminal half-retards who don't mind blowing themselves up to kill others, the day has become a day of mourning. It is simply shocking and inexcusable! See the report below:
Jason Ditz      
A major suicide bombing targeted a religious gathering in Kabul on Tuesday. The gathering was celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (S). The government confirmed 50 dead, though the NGO running the hospital nearby said over 60 were killed, and 70 more wounded.
Religious scholars and clerics were gathered by the hundreds at Uranus Wedding Hall for the event, and were reciting passages from the Qur'an when the bomber arrived and detonated explosives in the crowd of people.
The attack caused chaos and overwhelmed emergency services. Some 30 ambulances had to be sent to collect the critically wounded. The Afghan government has announced a day of mourning on Wednesday over the deaths.
It is unclear who was behind the attack, and there have been no claims of credit. The Taliban issued a statement condemning the attack on a religious target. ISIS would be a possible culprit, but they have yet to offer any statement on the matter.

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